“Theybies”. Try that out on the tongue, see if it bounces around merrily or tastes as flat and as ridiculous as it sounds. Biased or not, theybies is a way to allow children to choose their own gender rather than select it for them.

What, the actual, f***.

Sorry, but I can’t hold back any longer when it comes to this. Gender neutrality when we’re adolescents to adults is one thing, but forcing this on our kids seems to be drawing a very dangerous line in the sand that some people are crossing. Many folks claim that they don’t want to influence their children when it comes to their sexuality at a certain age, but seem to forget that we do this no matter what happens.

Do mommy and daddy act like men and women? Yes? Well golly gee, that must mean that our children are going to take that example and run with it. But hey, let’s not pressure them into believing they need to pick one gender just because of what they see. So does this mean that as mothers and fathers, or same-sex couples, that we need to adjust our lives in a certain way to keep from confusing our kids?

News flash to those that support this: kids are born one way or another, and as a society it’s been seen that we agree to treat them one way or another. It’s not brainwashing to call a girl your princess or your boy a tiger or a bear, it’s affection that many loving parents have been performing one form or another since the dawn of time. Trying to go gender neutral is fine for those that understand what it means and are able to comprehend just why they’re doing it, but we’re talking about children.

To say that children don’t understand anything is dismissive, but to openly confuse them when they see their parents act one way and  be encouraged to act another way seems far more damaging than helpful to any child. If they do harbor the desire to dress, act, and become the opposite sex then so be it, when they’re old enough to comprehend just what it will mean for the rest of their lives. But pushing this kind of idea on children is not only damaging, it is morally reprehensible on the part of a parent to openly confuse their children in such a manner.

Life will confuse children as they grow, it will make them look to their parents and ask a variety of questions, many of them about gender. If a parent was to answer “Oh I don’t see gender honey, we’re all neutral” it would be one of the most confusing statements that, to a child, could ever be uttered. Embracing one gender or another, or choosing to remain gender neutral when it’s understood, is all fine and dandy, but leave children out of it until they’re old enough to know just what such a decision will mean.

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