How much more of Trump can America take?


This is what happens when you let a narcissist loose to run a country, you tend to get a person that thinks they’re great, they’re infallible, so long as they’re given a platform and aren’t doing a one on one interview. Oh wait, Trump thinks he’s great everywhere, so nix that last part. He’s inflammatory, he’s unapologetic, and worst of all, he’s the face of our country at this point. Americans almost have to apologize wherever we go now simply because Trump is that bad, even if some still follow him after all this. Whatever good he’s done is quickly being overwhelmed by the fact that he can’t keep his mouth shut and he sure as hell can’t seem to understand what it means to be diplomatic.

He lauds himself for so much, he simply thinks that everything is on the up and up, and he doesn’t seem to understand the impact of the words he speaks, almost as though he’s standing up there with a blank sheet of paper and going off whatever comes to mind instead of a carefully prepared speech. And if those notes are being given to him by a certified and educated individual then it’s a scary time for our nation as those handing Trump these speeches obviously aren’t any more educated than a high school senior in remedial classes.

Oh yes, I said it.

And just to prove that Trump is indeed off his meds, here you go:


Does anyone ever get the feeling that Trump skipped the lesson on how to be diplomatic when he decided to run for office? You can almost hear the voices of the Simpsons bullies when he talks. Plus, what good does it do to threaten individuals that have the capability of actually striking at America? What happens when you tell someone “Don’t you do that or else!”?

This guy is trying to pick a fight and unfortunately it seems like one of these days someone will call him on it. The really unfortunate part is that if war does break out Trump will be safe in a bunker somewhere and the American people that weren’t foolish enough to say these kinds of things will be the ones that end up paying the price.

Leaders are expected to be wise, judicious, and overall capable of handling situations without threatening or calling for violence beforehand. The wait is on to see what becomes of Trump, and if he’ll lead us down a road to ruin or ruination. How many of our allies would come to our aid right now do you think if something was to happen?

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