Do you get the feeling that Trump plays the favorites as much as he possibly can? If you don’t think so look at his track record of who he believes and the things they’ve done. Not everyone is an angel but the level of belief that anyone holds in Trumps words and ideals when it comes to the word of others should be shaking and crumbling at this point. The man seems to back those that “strongly deny” any wrongdoing on their part and will gladly deny the validity of anything that’s presented to him in order to assuage any concerns that he might have.

Obama’s birth certificate was presented and he had an issue with it.

It’s true that birth certificates can be forged and that they can be made to look like the real thing, but considering that it was allowed to pass and Trump couldn’t do anything about it that seems to explain just why his argument was so vehement. Trump is a classic narcissist, if he can get people to listen to what he has to say then he’s going to talk until he’s blue in the face so to speak. He will gladly announce that anyone he doesn’t happen to like is doing something wrong no matter if they’ve been vindicated or otherwise proven to be telling the truth. Yes, a lot of us do the same with Trump, though one big difference is that Trump tends to spin the tale of his life a little bigger than it actually is and claims to be far more impressive than he’s ever been. Plus, where were those tax records again?

It’s easy to cry ‘foul’ when no one’s looking at your faults, but now, everyone’s looking.

If there’s someone he likes or can benefit his presidency in some way then he seems to turn a blind eye, but if he doesn’t like that person then he’ll be all over them.

Trump is a big believer in playing favorites obviously. Those that follow his agenda and can do something for him will no doubt find his favor no matter what they do until they push the line a little too far. Of course you could argue that some within the clip above have gone above and beyond when it comes to ‘too far’, but still Trump seems willing to support them. So what exactly do they do for him? It’s hard to believe that a man like Trump, a guy that would gladly throw his own nation under the bus and praise a man like Putin, and would gladly insult his allies, would do anything for anyone unless he was getting something in return.

We have a POTUS that plays favorites with some of the most despicable people in the world, is anyone doubting this still?

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