Pacific Ocean, 201 miles off the Oregon coast

May 12th, 2019

Taking the time to reload my crossbow isn’t an option since I already hear him making his way to the stairs, maybe thinking to take me from another direction. From what I read on this kid he’s not all that smart when he’s like this, but even a dumb animal can be smart enough at times to outwit a human being. I just didn’t expect it, and that’s my failing.

Instead of waiting around for him though I’m already up on the couch and leaping over the windscreen that will send me sliding down to the next deck. Thankfully the deck below juts out enough that I won’t go sailing off to land hard on the main deck. That would hurt, and possibly break my legs, ankles, or something else.

As I see the kid suddenly emerge on the deck however, right below me no less, my landing is the least of my worries. When I say ‘kid’ I mean adolescent, this guy can’t be more than fifteen or sixteen years of age. But in this current state, with his eyes wild and bloodshot and his teeth bared in a feral snarl, he looks more like a wild man that’s been living in the bushes for years than a kid that’s been experimented on by the US government.

The problem takes me a second to assess, but by that time I’m almost in his arms, where only death would await a few seconds later. There’s blood in his mouth and all over his face from the crossbow bolt, which I note has been ripped out, leaving a large hole in his face. That gives me an idea and in the split second between getting the idea and almost running into the kid I find myself glad that I didn’t toss my crossbow or leave it behind. I huck the thing at the kid and it hits right where I want it, kind of. The whole thing twists as I let it go and the entire body of the crossbow slams into his face, knocking him back and almost over the next railing as I land hard and roll, feeling the impact in my knees as I’m up and reaching for one of my pistols as he snarls at me, throwing the crossbow over the railing as he sees that I’m armed.

And then he does something that has me floored. He jumps the railing and is over the edge and out of sight before I can even take aim.

What the hell?

(to be continued)

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