As the father of three daughters this struck me as funny and I just had to share in case anyone missed it. The clip stands as one of those that might be added into an Instant Karma mashup showing just how a person that isn’t thinking at that moment might finally realize that they can’t just do what they want and get away with it.

As you can see in the video the guy walking by thought he was going to be slick and just cop a feel while moving on and the waitress might not do anything about it. He got a rather big wakeup call when the woman, who was shorter and slimmer than he was, suddenly tossed him to the ground without hesitation or much trouble it seems.

Guys, women are not as weak as you might like to think at times.

This this absolute truth. It’s not just because they have the capacity to have babies that they’re tough, it’s because guys seem to think that some women wouldn’t be able to give them a problem if they tried. That’s so far and away from the truth that it’s laughable. If, as a man, you’ve ever been socked in the face, kicked, or injured in any way by a woman, other than a shot to the groin, then you’ll know that some women do in fact have the ability to hurt a man no matter how big he is. This woman reached up and manhandled this guy like he was a featherweight, and didn’t worry all that much about as she took him to the ground and gave him a piece of her mind.

Women aren’t meant to be groped at a man’s pleasure.

If there’s anything that my wife and I will teach our daughter it’s that a woman’s body is not just a man’s plaything. It might come from having daughters but in truth it’s only been strengthened by it since no man, EVER, has a right to simply touch a woman when it’s not wanted. This means EVER. A woman should have all the reason in the world to expect that she’ll get through the day without being subjected to leering looks, unwanted attention, and obviously no jerks that think that they can just reach out and take a quick feel.

The hope for my daughters is that they’ll do the same thing this woman did without hesitation, as words won’t be enough in such a situation. Ever seen a guy getting dressed down by a woman that decides to just shout and rail at him? A lot of jerks laugh and display an attitude that says ‘whatever’. You can get the feeling that this guy wasn’t thinking that when his butt hit the floor.

Think about this clip the next time you feel like copping a feel or pulling any kind of similar prank that a woman might not like. You could find yourself on the floor quicker than you can say “I’m sorry”. And you’ll have earned every butt-bruising moment of it.

As for the waitress, that was simply awesome to watch.

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