"Oh I'm willing to take a minimum wage job. I'm just not willing to work at one."

The minimum wage issue is not going away anytime soon, and there’s a reason for it. People want to get paid enough to live on, but unfortunately some of them want to be paid for doing jobs that are typically the type that are not paid all that much since they aren’t considered skilled labor. There are jobs that should be paid more simply because they’re far more important, the skills that one needs to possess are harder to develop, and because they impact society on a much deeper level.

Should writers be paid a minimum wage? No, not really, in fact it would be one of the most pointless things you could think about. While writing is included in many different parts of our society and throughout various cultures it’s still not seen as something that deserves the kind of pay that some folks think is going to come their way when they step into it. But as far as other jobs go, let’s take a look.

Food and Hospitality

Sure, any job in this industry is going to be a bit tough going in as serving people in any capacity is difficult. You have to deal with rude customers, you have to learn how to prep, cook, clean, follow state and federal regulations, and in short you have to do just about anything and everything for your guest/customer that you can in order to earn that paycheck.

Unless you’re thinking of making this a career however, and some people do, then you should be thinking that it’s not going to be a job that will make you a great deal of money. Minimum wage changes from state to state, but in jobs such as this people are typically loathe to pay workers much more for several reasons, some of which include that working in the food industry is not always considered skilled labor. Yes, chefs, managers, owners, supervisors, and anyone that sits in the top tiers of the business will earn a better living, largely because they generally have an education and have put in the time to earn it.

Just coming into the job doesn’t mean you’ve earned $10-$15 an hour. Living expenses might be hard to meet, but keep in mind that a lot of restaurant jobs that are entry-level or lower than manager are fairly simple jobs when compared to running the place. Having worked at many a restaurant and hotel in the past I can attest that the pay is horrible, but the job duties, while numerous, are quite simple and not as complicated.

Education is key.

I get it, a lot of people didn’t go to college, couldn’t afford to go to college, and for some reason didn’t think that their education was a workable deal. Unfortunately, this is the product of it, not being able to employ any marketable skills when it comes time to find a job. The argument that one has kids and so many other responsibilities to take care of is invalid largely because there are numerous programs, scholarships, grants, and other forms of aid available in the world today that might incur a debt but at the very least can allow a person to gain the necessary skills they will need to market themselves as a valuable individual to an employer and possibly find something above minimum wage.

There’s no real argument against education at this point, as even the most basic, rudimentary form of education can elevate a person and make them worth a lot more than minimum wage.

There’s a big risk that the increase of minimum wage would increase the cost of consumer goods.

It makes a lot of sense to think that if wages go up then the equilibrium of the business is going to demand that the prices go up. In essence the workers will be fine, they’ll be making more money, but eventually that wage increase will take its toll on their patrons and there’s a good bet that people will cease coming to their establishment after a while as the prices will be too much for even a single person, let alone a family.


It’s frustrating since a lot of people would love to pay people enough to pay their monthly expenses and be able to save, but paying exorbitant wages for consumer items that can essentially be done without seems a bit much. There are plenty of ways this could happen if more funds were allocated in a sensible manner towards the economy, but at this point it doesn’t seem as though the people running our government understand just how hard it is to survive on a seemingly non-existent budget that is continually eaten away by bills and living expenses.

But raising the minimum wage is a tricky thing that can’t be rushed into without knowing the ups and downs that are to come.

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