Pacific Ocean, 201 miles off the Oregon coast

May 12th, 2019

I’m going to run out of boat to run through eventually, I know that, but as I come up from behind the couch, pushing cushions aside, I can still hear him roaring from downstairs. Thankfully his hearing isn’t his strongest sense or otherwise this game would be done a lot quicker. Of course now that his eyes are burning and his nostrils are in about the same state it can be assumed that tracking me will be a lot more difficult. But he’ll be combing the boat as much as he can, no doubt hoping for the effect to wear off eventually.

Mace basically blinds a person and, if it’s taken to an extreme, can even kill them if they have any respiratory problems since it tends to constrict the airways. Your body is a lot wiser then you give it credit for since when something threatens it from the outside it will do its damndest to make sure that nothing else is getting in to cause any further damage.

But as I’ve already said this kid is tough, so the 20 to 90 minutes that the effect is supposed to last will probably on be like 30 minutes, max, before his heightened abilities start pushing through the effects of the spray. That means I’ve got to make every minute count if I’m going to survive. So thinking I keep my ears open as I take my crossbow off my back and fit a bolt to the bow, drawing it back until I hear that satisfying click. The yelling from downstairs is already starting to dim, but hopefully I still have enough time to-

– a couch cushion just hit me in the back. I know what it means immediately as I whirl and fire,seeing only his arms and face for a moment as I see the feral look he’s giving me. He’s smiling as though he’s caught on to a great secret, and in truth he kind of has since I had no idea that he would recover this fast, or find my point of egress from the middle deck. My heart’s pumping wildly now as my bolt flies, sinking home into the kid’s left cheek as he falls away howling, the bolt burying itself up to the fletchings as the thumps and bangs that accompany him down the shaft are quite loud.

Unfortunately I’m now at a loss. How in the hell did he figure out the secret passage?

(to be continued)

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