Banning books is not a new practice and in fact it’s been happening for centuries. Unfortunately the idea of banning any book, however distasteful or wise it might seem, is akin to telling people that it’s not okay to take up or even inquire about the state of mind that the author might have been in when the book was written. It’s also censorship on a level that makes absolutely no sense considering that a book is an idea, a story, something that can be picked up or ignored at the whim of the reader. Those with fragile psyches that pick up books that make sense to them and help lead them down a path that is anything but healthy are often used as an excuse for people to ban certain books, while other times it is seen that people simply don’t like the ideas, content, or use of certain words or themes in a book.

Yet no one ever seems to think about the very simple fact that you don’t have to pick the book up or even crack open the first page.

Book banning is, in many ways, quite childish.

Think about it from a different perspective other than the one you know. Books are ideas, thoughts, and beliefs that are felt by other people. They are the manner in which that person sees the world and the perspective from which they decide to speak. No one is saying they’re right or wrong, and certainly no one has the right to state that others shouldn’t have the chance to choose for themselves just which ideas are worth reading and which aren’t. By banning a book the idea seems to be that the ideas are dangerous and shouldn’t be shared with the world, but in truth it is denying that the perspective another has any worth simply based on the fact that someone doesn’t want to acknowledge that they might have a point.

In other words it’s a classic “you’re not right I am” kind of moment, and is extremely childish.

Banning books can unfortunately lead to stagnation in a society.

Books are ideas, this cannot be denied. Books, be they fiction or reality, are the words and thoughts of generations both past and present that help to shape the world in one way or another and are valuable in that they lay the groundwork, for good or ill, as to how the future will take shape. Without books and the various ideas they bring forth and the change they can enact society tends to stagnate and go about it’s business as usual.

The ideas and the amount of change that can be brought about by different ideas and thought patterns isn’t always perfect, but the idea of change is what keeps the world moving forward.

The reason that certain books get banned is hard to fathom.

Racism, propaganda, improper images, and all other reasons seem to be why some books get banned, and yet people still don’t seem to get the point. YOU DON’T HAVE TO READ THE BOOK. But his doesn’t give you the right to ban the book from others and deny them the chance to read it and make up their own minds. Ideas are and aren’t like diseases, they do spread, but the free-thinking individual has a choice when it comes to believing the idea or simply seeing it as another in a long list of ideas that they don’t ascribe to. By denying someone the right to a book you only make that interest grow and grow and by the time they read the book the chances that they’re going to accept the idea are a lot better than they might have been if they’d simply had access to it.

That, or they’ll look at the person that banned the book and think they’re a complete and utter moron.

Banning books doesn’t work when it comes to sharing and exploring new ideas within a society. It’s a very churlish and immature way to deny people access to the thoughts, ideas, and designs of others that could possibly open their minds just a little more and allow them to make their own decisions when it comes to what they’ll accept in their lives.

After all, a lot of folks don’t care for others telling them what they can and can’t have. Books should never be a part of that equation.

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