You heard me, I said it, and I won’t take it back. Fans are great, they build up franchises, they enjoy the various stories that are brought out, and most of all, they accept a lot of mistakes and continuity issues but keep moving on with them so long as the franchise they care about is around. It’s not a matter of learning every last serial number of every weapon and piece of machinery used in a film or a TV show. It’s not about small details that no one save the creators of the show or film will think about. It’s not even about the idea that one franchise is better than another. Fans will gladly joke about this and enter into minor ‘feuds’ while citing facts and opinions that mean something to them. But there’s one big thing that all fans can agree upon


Fanboys give fans a very bad name sometimes.

Now let’s agree, or agree to disagree however you might see it. Fanboys are not all bad, just as all fans are not good. But those fanboys that take things too far are the worst example as they’ll argue over a fictional hero, villain, or story as though it’s based in the real world and is something that fate of the universe hinges upon. They typically watch every episode of a favorite series, memorize where every Easter egg is, and know every little detail down to the name of the person that worked the grip in their favorite movie. Why? They’re obsessed with their favorite film and/or show and have to know EVERYTHING.

This isn’t a bad thing really, until they take it too far. This usually means getting into an argument with them will be more painful than slamming your head into a brick wall a few dozen times. They will argue until their throat is raw because NO ONE’S opinion othe than theirs will matter.

Keep in mind they’re not all like this, but those that are, yikes.

What’s the biggest difference between a fan and a fanboy?


Fans will enjoy a story, a movie, a game, whatever it happens to be, and so will a fanboy. But a fanboy will gladly take any and all criticisms of whatever they like and target the person that dared to speak against it in savage fashion. Talking to a fanboy about whatever they liked in a negative way is sure to start an argument, and an ugly one no less. Even if you decide to concede that they’re right they will continue to lord it over you and remind you just why they’re right and you’re wrong. Even if you happen to agree with them it’s more of a headache than it’s worth as a fanboy will at times affect a superior attitude and act like “of course I’m right, I know everything.”

When it comes to their favorite medium it might be true, but their arrogance is a bit off-putting, not to mention very telling when it comes to their knowledge of other matters throughout life and entertainment.

So, in essence, fans enjoy, fanboys obsess.

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