The fact is that America needs a president. Despite the irony of placing all the power into the hands of one person yet again this country cannot be run by Congress alone. The squabbling, the infighting, and the total collapse that would come would be disastrous. America was not founded on a system that would be ruled by governmental bodies, but was placed in the hands of one man, perhaps one day one woman, that could accept the responsibility of handling a nation and guiding their people into a new era.

The presidency is not meant to be one’s personal playtime.

That seems a bit harsh and even churlish, but it also seems as though the current POTUS has taken several important matters far too lightly and played fast and loose with others that require his utmost attention. He has done some good for the country, yes, but his reputation has been sunk due to his highly visible trips that end up costing the taxpayers millions of dollars and the possible ties that other countries must even now be thinking of severing if they’re to keep any kind of self-respect.

Think that sounds far-fetched? Perhaps, but the idea of the leader of the free world berating world leaders that are his allies and cozying up to another world leader while throwing his own country under the bus is not the best look for an American president.

The president doesn’t need to be penitent, but a bit of humility goes a long way.

Unfortunately this POTUS does not happen to understand the meaning of the word “humble” and proceeds to assert his authority no matter where he goes, even if it is over foreign leaders in their domain. One doesn’t need to bend and scrape to anyone to show respect, but it pays not to act like a rude and inconsiderate child when in the presence of other world leaders.

Right now the country is severely divided, and while it is not entirely the POTUS’s fault, he has done little but fan the flames.

The POTUS needs to be as impartial possible when in office in order to hear his people and to react in a way that is conducive to resolving whatever issues he can. He won’t attain a perfect track record in putting out all the fires to to speak, as there will always be someone with a different idea of how things should go. But instead of fixing problems within society or even trying, our current POTUS continues to fan the flames by the words he speaks and the actions he takes, or doesn’t take.

At this point, the spirit of America is still intact, but the nation itself has become an uncertain thing.

At this point the POTUS is a big part of many problems, but he needs to listen to the people, the people he SERVES as well as leads, in order to discover just what is needed, rather than he thinks should be used to solve the problem that he fails to understand. Comprehension of what must be done within this country to pull people together rather than continue to tear them apart is what is needed, yet further confusion is all we seem to get as Trump continues to turn a blind eye to his people, muttering over their cries of indignation with half-hearted denials and bold claims of what he can do, instead of what he will do.

The nation may be in tatters by 2020 (let’s hope not), but the spirit will endure.

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