Pacific Ocean, 201 miles off the Oregon coast

May 12th, 2019

You know the fun thing about being able to cruise around a tub like this for as long as you can? You get to find every little nook and cranny that an imaginative mind can discover. Take for instance the boat I’m on now. It’s got more hidden passageways and nooks and crannies to hide in than most homes I’ve ever seen in my life, and I’ve seen a few. Of course as I listen to the kid stomping his way down the stairs my mind isn’t on hiding, uh-uh. If I did that this little game of tag would be over too soon and the company we were subbed out by would take one look at the solid bar on my life monitor and fire a cruise missile at this heap.

It’s nice to know that someone is willing to give me a chance. Plus, those missiles don’t come cheap I hear…

Ah crap, he’s down and entering the main galley, but at least I’m on the other side of the wall, in the living space. That doesn’t mean much since there’s only a partial wall with a big cutout that he can look or leap through whenever he wants to. But that’s where the next part of my plan comes in. As he’s stomping around looking for me he sees the rope dangling just off the port side as I was hoping, and it distracts him just long enough as he bounds out to the side deck, looking up as I’d planned. I didn’t mention I had a few other items on my person did I?

Well to be honest when I was listing my weapons I didn’t happen to include a nifty little device called a mace gun, which is essentially like a flare gun but modified to shoot a steady stream of mace from about 20 feet out. I’ll be a little close just for the hell of it, but the stuff I’ve got in here is a special blend I put together on my own. Aside from just burning it’s going to have the effect of knocking him out for a moment if I’m lucky. Pepper spray of course affects a person in a big way, but this kid is jacked up in ways that make him a lot tougher than the average crackhead. I’m hoping this stuff works, or the game of tag could end right here.

As he looks for just another moment up the rope, as though expecting to see me peer over, I creep a little closer, hiding near the inner wall as I crouch down. I can hear him sniffing, and there’s no doubt that he’s caught my scent, but I don’t hear anything else until the glass breaks above me, showering me with shards as I instinctively aim the mace gun upward. Even as I’m doing this I feel his hands come through the wreckage of the window and try to grab me, but all he gets is a few trailing hairs before I squeeze the trigger.

I rise with my finger still squeezing, rolling to the left as I keep my finger on the trigger and the stream on his face. It hits him dead center, right on the bridge of his nose, and immediately goes in his mouth, his eyes, and perhaps even splashes up his nostrils. All I know is that my one shot is gone. Thankfully he falls away with a howl of pain as the stuff clogs his nose and mouth in that instant. And I’m up and running for the next stage of my plan.

Even as I’m climbing on the counter to access the secret panel just above the cupboards I can hear and then see him crawling into the main galley, shaking his head like a wounded animal. Thankfully he doesn’t look up as I hoist myself into the space above and then slide the panel back into place behind me.

The game is still very much on, for now.

(to be continued)

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