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Anacortes, WA

December 3rd, 2018

Clinton was about as degenerate as they came yet he played himself off as a good guy, someone you could depend on, until something didn’t go his way. He was the reason why a lot of bad things had happened to Linus and his sister Maple as of late, but it wasn’t Todd’s place to say anything. He wanted to, Maple had been a good friend of his for many years and knew she could depend on him, but he’d always been understanding about Maple’s love life being her own.

But Clinton was a dick. Worse than that, he was a dick to Linus. That, coupled with the fact that he’d treated Maple like his personal property in the past, was what made Todd want to thump his head off the pavement a few times to see what he could shake loose. He’d been told more than once that Clinton wasn’t the type of guy that he wanted to fight, that he was likely to carry a knife on him at any given time, and that he fought dirty. Todd didn’t care really, he was an MMA fighter and could break Clinton in two if he was given the go-ahead by Maple. But because of her he’d always stayed away from the guy as much as he could.

“Linus, is Clinton at your place right now?”

Linus nodded, keeping his eyes down, and Todd could only sigh.

“Did you follow him Linus?” Todd asked, hoping against hope that the man remembered. Linus was not a boy even if he acted like one at times, but thanks to a serious head injury when he was still a teenager he’d been unable to develop as any other teen would and had even regressed to the point that he was more like a giant child than the thirty-three year old adult that he was. Linus wasn’t slovenly, he wasn’t out of shape or even unshaven most of the time since his sister looked after him, but he was difficult to deal with sometimes.

For a man like Clinton, who viewed any type of weakness as a target, Linus was unfortunately easy pickings.

“Did you see him drop it?”

Another nod, “He dropped it around here,” Linus said, looking around at the ground, “But I don’t know where it went. It’s a little thing, little things get lost. I should have told her, I should have told her!” The man was close to breaking down, so Todd did the only thing he could.

“Linus, look at-”

“Hey!” shouted a voice from up the street, “Hey retard! What the hell are you doing out?!”

He felt more than saw Linus recoil as the other man saw his fists clench. Clinton had come calling it would seem.

(to be continued)

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