So let’s clear up any misconceptions at this point when it comes to the dreaded “friend zone” which does exist and is hell for anyone, male or female, that’s ever found themselves in it.

  1. No one is expected to put out just because you happen to like them and want to show them in one way or another. People are allowed to like and to love who they choose. If that’s not you, then tough luck, move on.
  2. Being in the friend zone is not the end of the road for you, it’s simply a detour that gives you other options. So the love your life doesn’t reciprocate your feelings, they’re not the only man or woman in the world.
  3. Grow up, the friend zone does exist, but it’s a far more comfortable spot than many give it credit for. There’s less expectation when it comes to keeping that person happy, you can be yourself around them, and you can treat them as you would any other friend without thinking that they’ll ditch you the moment they find someone better.

Does all of that make sense so far?

The friend zone does exist, but at the same time it’s a trap that is what you make of it.


Too many people make too much of a big deal about being ‘friendzoned’ and have thus given this train of thought a lot of negative connotations that can lead to very negative feelings and discussions about men and women when they decided that you’re simply not enough for them when it comes to what they want in a lover. Keep in mind, the object of your affection doesn’t owe you anything. Men and women should never be expected to dish out sexual favors or love that they don’t want to. Just because they see you as a friend doesn’t mean your life effectively ended at their word.

They still value you in some way, just not the way you want. So hitch up your big boy, or big girl underoos and move on. Always keep a friend, as good ones are hard to find sometimes, and realize that physical attraction is not always the same as mutual attraction. There’s someone out there for everyone. You’ve just got to have the courage to look and to talk to people. That means put the phone, the tablet, the whatever device you’re holding down and actually move your jaw up and down while opening those two fleshy things on your face called lips to form words.

If you can get that part down, then the friend zone, real as it is, has no hold over you. Word to the wise, when feeling trapped, always look for a way out….or make one.

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