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On that day don’t look for me there, I’ll have gone ahead.

I’m making a place at the end of the path,

I’ve helped to blaze the trail that you must tread.

Don’t look for me where I was, you won’t find me there anymore.

I’ve moved along to the clearing instead

I’ve gone beyond this shore.

If you want then look to the sands, look to the surf and the sky.

I’ve done my time in this world I can’t do anymore,

That time has passed me by.

Look to the sands and look to the surf, remembering where we’ve been.

Don’t be sad, and please don’t cry,

On that day we’ll meet again.

To everyone that’s lost someone this year or long before, those loved ones are waiting at the end of the road, ready for us to join them again. On that day, they’ll welcome us home.



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