Birtherism? How in the world does this theory get pushed where it applies to Trump? Wasn’t this the tactic used against Obama, or the tactic that was attempted against Obama? How in the world would it be used against Trump when he’s been an American citizen since the day he was born?

This definitely shows that anyone and everyone that’s ever supported Trump have been further divided into groups that are disgusted with what happened at Helsinki and those that are still buying into the idea that he’s still all about America. At this point it’s going to take the POTUS actively telling his supporters that they’re fools for ever trusting him to get them to step away. In some ways it’s admirable, but in others it’s a bit saddening as they insist on clinging to the illusion that he’s done nothing wrong in order to keep their fragile psyches from being bruised and banged up after realizing that they’ve been following a weak-minded narcissist that can’t stand up to the one person he needs to stand up to.

Birtherism is an absurd claim to make regarding Trump.

There’s no doubt that people have been doubting him and his ability to run the country, for good reason, since the moment he was inducted into the oval office. But at this point, even with the handful of good things he’s done, Trump is actively tearing apart his own bid for another run in 2020. The act of alienating his own country from the allies that have sought to help and be helped by the USA and praising the one individual that has yet to gain even a small amount of trust from much of his own intelligence agency is one humongous leap of arrogance, not to mention ignorance, that will continue to work against him.

He’s not a Russian agent, far from it in fact. If he was, then the odds are that he’d be doing more damage to Russia than to the United States. Trump is a narcissist, plain and simple, but he’s also arrogant and ignorant enough to think that he’s doing something profoundly good by casting his lot with a country that the USA has been at odds with continually in the past. Russia is not wholly evil, but their leader at this time has shown to be a man that is something less than trustworthy. The only one that doesn’t seem to want to see this is Trump.


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