Said the City to the Coast, “I’m where everything happens, people come from far and wide to see what’s going on in my streets.”

The Coast just nodded and replied, “Things are laid back here, on that most people agree.”

The City, not accepting the calm attitude, went on to say “My people lead the world, they make things happen and light the fires that show the way.”

The Coast just shrugged and said, “Here is where they come to relax and play.”

“You don’t get it do you?” the City challenged in a huff, “Every day my people hustle as they just can’t do enough.”

The Coast just leaned back and crossed its arms, “We’re in agreement then. Your people work so hard all year to enjoy my calming charms. They slave and sweat and sweat and earn and sweat again some more. But here is where they don’t worry about a single duty, task, or chore.”

“If not for me they’d never have the wealth to enjoy your fare. They’d end up on my streets begging for change from those that don’t care. Your sandy beaches fill up with those that call me home, the only money you’ll ever see is from those I allow to roam.”

The Coast just grinned and leaned back again, content in one thing for sure.

“I’ll always be here my friend, because for the madness you cause I’m the cure.”

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