It’s true that we’ve seen a lot, and I mean A LOT, of idiocy these past two years when it comes to younger people. Who in the world looked at a Tide pod and though “yummy” who wasn’t a little kid? The idea that they look like food is kind of negated once you get a whiff of them and realize what it’s meant for, but that didn’t seem to matter to those that decided to get in on this insane and extremely dangerous challenge.

But it’s not Millennials. At least, it’s not JUST them, since you can’t really judge an entire generation of people based on what a handful of dopes are doing. If that was the case then every generation since the turn of the 20th century would have been thought to be a bunch of nimrods in the estimation of the older generations. You can argue that this might have been the case anyway, but think about when the advent of the teenager years came around. Keep in mind that the teenage mindset didn’t appear until the 1920s, but the actual rise of the teenager came around in the 1950s.

So for decades now older generations have been looking at those coming up behind them and basing their entire generation of the actions of the few that have loose wiring upstairs and seemingly no one to tell them what’s what about the world. How else could we possibly explain the insanity that’s been gripping the internet in the last few years?

The challenges just keep getting worse and more harmful.


Does anyone even remember the Ice Bucket Challenge at this point? Some people actually claimed it was dangerous, it was harmful, but in truth it was a cold bucket of ice water poured over your head, that’s it. It wasn’t snorting condoms, it wasn’t salting some part of your body and then rubbing ice on it to leave a scar, it wasn’t eating a substance that cleans your clothes. It wasn’t anything that risked life and limb. So what in the hell happened?

Well, remember drag racing way back in the day? That was pretty dangerous. How about chicken? How about numerous other things that all of our generations have done over the years? Those individuals that do these things to get noticed are morons, that’s been proven without a doubt, but they don’t represent that generation in the least bit.

Belonging to a generation doesn’t define you, it’s more of a descriptor for the time period in which you were born.

You might be born into a generation, but you can easily take on the characteristics and mindset of another generation based on how you’re raised. For instance, a lot of us from various generations look at these supposedly innovative individuals subjecting themselves to bodily harm for entertainment and can only hope that they’ll wise up if they survive. If not, well, then natural selection is still alive and well. That might sound horrible, but dumb decisions can lead to dumb outcomes.

Every generation has that merry band of idiots that will engage in some sort of behavior that a lot of people, especially elders, don’t agree with. But put your trust in this: it doesn’t define the generation.

That’s just an easy copout.

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