So let’s put this out there and get things straight at the moment: It’s the job of those that follow Trump and work for him to do damage control anytime he screws up. That’s evident and it’s understandable from an employment standpoint. But from a moral view, how in the world do they continue to spin the outrageous opinion that Trump is merely “stubborn”, or that he’s in any way strong when it comes to his dealings with Putin?

Brainwashing seems to be the only explanation, though in truth it’s not simply that, it’s that those still believing in Trump and denying that he threw his own country under the bus are attempting to believe that he’s biding his time and acting in a diplomatic fashion. Who ever thought there would come a day when diplomacy would mean acting like a fanboy? Trump did everything but give Putin a big, sloppy kiss at Helsinki, and to be honest his backtracking is only further evidence that he realizes how badly he screwed up.

But a narcissist won’t admit that they were wrong, it’s simply not in them. They won’t take the kind of responsibility required to comprehend and make amends for their mistakes. The narcissist will typically believe that everyone is against them, that their word and their ideas are simply too great for anyone to believe, and that only those who obey and give them complete and undivided loyalty are those they can trust.

We need a president, as this country has been founded on the idea that there needs to be someone in office that we can trust. But at this point and time Trump has made it quite clear that he’s not about to apologize in any way for the way he flirted with treason in Helsinki. Okay then, let’s hope that karma isn’t out to lunch and is paying attention.

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