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Anacortes, WA

December 3rd, 2018

It was always the little things that counted the most. The big things just got in the way, they were harder to carry, harder to keep, but the little things, oh the little things they….

He lost his train of thought again, and she was going to mad with him again. But if he found the little thing, the little thing that she really wanted, then maybe she wouldn’t be mad. Maybe she wouldn’t be so mad at him. Rocking back and forth where he stood Linus began to moan as he usually did when he thought about how mad, how angry, how FURIOUS Maple would get sometimes when he lost things. She would get so mad that she yelled at him, that she threw things at him, and those things hurted, they hurted so bad sometimes, they-


Linus yelled and did the only thing he knew how to do when someone grabbed him as he and the bad person fell to the ground. He was aware of a loud noise that was suddenly there and gone, but then he was slapping, and kicking, and trying to bite as the bad person held him, held him down, oh God he didn’t want to be held down he hated being touched he hated hated hated it!

“Okay! Okay I’m off!” the bad person shouted, letting him go as Linus tried to scramble to his feet. It was hard with the ice on the ground and the snow and the melted stuff that made his shoes squeak. But he had to get away from the bad person, the bad person would hurt him again, he would touch him again, and that wasn’t okay, nope, nope, not okay at all, it-

“Linus, look at me.”

He knew that voice. It took Linus a moment, but he knew that voice, and he knew who it belonged to. Raisin his eyes slowly, not wanting to look at the bad person for fear that it might be a trick, he smiled as he saw the familiar face of Todd, Todd Aimes, the nice guy Todd Aimes from the grocery store! But Todd was all covered in snow and ice and melted snow and ice. What had happened?

“You, you’re all we-wet,” Linus managed to stammer out. Todd looked at him funny for a brief moment, Linus didn’t like people looking at him that way but Todd could look at him that way because he was Todd, the nice guy, not the bad person he’d thought. Todd wasn’t a bad person because he was nice to Linus and cared about him. He even let him have a cookie when Linus came to see him, but Maple didn’t let him finish it, she usually threw the last half away.

“Yeah, I had to save someone from walking into the street,” Todd said with a smile, brushing himself off, “You okay?”

Linus blinked, wiping at the snow and ice chips on his person as he realized he was wet too. The bad person, no, no no bad person it was Todd, had stopped him from walking into the street. He hadn’t been looking, he’d been too busy worrying about the little things, when…

“I’m sor-sorry,” Linus almost moaned, grief appearing on his face instantly as he felt like the biggest dummy in the world, “I’m so, so-sorry!”

“Linus, look at me,” Todd said. Those words always made him feel so much better when Todd said them, because Todd really looked at him, not past him like everyone else. That’s why he liked Todd.

(to be continued)


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