Or rather, how much rope can a person be given before they finally reach the end and hang themselves? Trump is not making himself look that great, and while it might be wiser to take a look at the things he’s done for the country and turn a blind eye to some of the things that shouldn’t matter, like his odious behavior, his ability to congratulate himself for things he can’t do no matter if he thinks he can. But this is something that people aren’t willing to forget, or at this point forgive.

It’s very amusing that Trump shows no tact with other world leaders, that he decides to perform the act of a pseudo-alpha male with those that won’t call him out on the garbage performance that he enacts in front of them. But when it comes to Putin he’s very soft-handed, doesn’t answer questions in a direct manner, and goes back to an argument that was used before the election had even begun. He has “great confidence” in his intelligence people, but Putin is just “strong” in his denial and telling the truth from his own angle.

The POTUS just threw the American people under the bus to be honest. He had the chance to look at a world leader that is known as a thug to so many and tell him that America won’t be fooled with and won’t be pushed around….and he did nothing. He allowed Putin to speak, which is right and proper, and then promptly defended him after stating that his own team, who has the regrettable task of having to keep him informed and keep him in the loop, was in the wrong. Oh yes, he stated that both sides were in the wrong, but his vague and almost fanboy manner towards Putin has a great many people ready to lambaste him should he step out into the public eye yet again.

Even those that have supported him to this point are thinking twice about what they saw. Those that have denied he’s anything but a narcissistic bully are now looking at their elected POTUS askance, perhaps thinking:

“What just happened?”

He just threw his nation under the bus folks. Trump had a chance to stand his ground and defend his nation, and he rolled over to expose his belly to Putin. That’s the POTUS.

That’s a long, long road he gets to walk.

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