He changed….one…word. And that’s supposed to make it better. Who are Trump’s writers, who are these folks that think one word being changed out of the entire debacle that happened in Helsinki is going to mean that much? It’s almost as if saying “I’m sorry, you misunderstood my intentions when I threw you under the bus. I didn’t mean to throw you under the tires, just under the bus.”

I would ask at this point if Trump is for real but for the past year and a half it’s become quite clear that we’re not sharing a nationwide nightmare that some people think is sprinkled with pixie dust because of the few good things he’s done. Trump put another nation before his own in terms of who he could trust the most, leaving it very clear on where he stands and just what he happens to think of the USA as opposed to Russia.

He’s ridiculed the USA’s allies, tried to put them in their place by doing and saying whatever he pleases, and is continuing to alienate people even as he tries in a very half-hearted fashion to explain why his faux pas wasn’t what people thought it was. And he changes…one…word. At this point one has to wonder how he passed his exams in college. Did he have another group of writers or fellow students rather on his payroll making sure he passed and was made to look like a genius?

Whoever his writer’s are now, they’re either not being paid enough to care or they’re being paid too much to produce absolutely nothing. Wait, it is a government job…..

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