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Seaside, OR

Current Day

It won’t work. History it seems is hell bent on keeping its secrets, and keeping me from being anything other than a footnote. I’ve been as far back as biblical times would allow, and have seen things that I won’t describe. The world didn’t begin as many of think it did, nor were there only two people in it when the whole mess was started.

History doesn’t seem to enjoy being upended, nor will it suffer anyone trying to stand out anymore than some strange design that we’re all bound to follow one way or another. It’s spat me back to this point so many times that I wonder if this is to be my fate for the rest of my life, staring at the waves and wondering just how I can trick a force that’s been in existence for longer than anyone living can understand.

It’s possible, I know it is. Hope, as my grandmother said years ago, is the denial of reality.

I’m willing to deny it to the end if I have to.

The End

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