Denial seems to be a trending practice when it comes to the presidency, but it seems to have hit an ugly snag at this point. As much as I’ve tried not to point the finger or shake my head in thinking that our current POTUS is showing one of the worst examples of wha

t it means to hold the highest office in our country, things continue to spiral forward and even downward as the days keep moving. If he’s doing good for the economy, it’s now a wonder as to what that might mean when he’s seen winking at Putin before a press conference and when he goes on to blame his own country for how matters are being handled.

Some, especially his supporters, might try to justify such small gestures as nothing, but would gladly say that had Obama or Hillary done such a thing it would point to collusion. In fact, beyond the good he’s supposedly done for this country, still processing that one, how can anyone say that this man is a decent human being? It’s one thing to acknowledge a problem and that both countries need to sort it out in a peaceful and cooperative fashion, but it’s another thing entirely to play it fast and loose with Putin and be such a hardcase with other world leaders.

Notice very carefully how he avoids answering certain questions and then think to yourself: does he sound trustworthy? His supporters, how he still has any is a mystery, would claim it’s all a bunch of misdirection and a giant witch hunt. In some cases they might be right, but in others this man appears to be colluding with another world leader that seems to be little more than a former KGB thug in a suit. Appearances are misleading at times, but right now the biggest issue seems to be more than appearance, it seems to be that our POTUS is at this time throwing his own people in front of the bus and watching them get knocked under it as he tries to step back to a safe distance while holding hands with Putin with a sly wink to show that everything’s okay.

If that sounds okay to you then our country has a bigger problem than having a walking, talking Cheeto as POTUS.

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