Before anyone gets too hot under the collar and calls ‘shame’ on me for posting such a thing, let’s just go ahead and say that it’s kind of hard to tell whether or not some of these are staged and meant to be hilarious. Some of them are pretty obviously real while others you kind of have to wonder about. But let’s say it this way, you don’t often see things like this at Target, Fred Meyer’s, or even at the mall. So why we do see them at Wal-Mart so often?

It’s a mystery to be sure.

To be honest there’s no need to shame, just a wonder why anyone featured in this video would make the choices of wardrobe they did. To each their own and all but some of these really look uncomfortable and more to the point you wonder how much self-esteem do the people that are wearing them have? If they’re comfortable in their own body that’s great, but regardless of how you feel about people there is such a thing as other folks’ feelings and sensibilities as well.

You’re right, they don’t have to look, but when they see you coming down the aisle it’s harder to look away and look respectful than it is to look at folks such as this and then look away. For some reason a lot of Wal-Mart’s seem to attract this type of customer, the type that seems to dress in the dark or forget that they’re going out into public. There’s no shame, there’s simply a question as to how comfortable are these folks with themselves that they would wander into a public place like this.

So yeah, it’s an oddity, but hey, at least they seem okay with it.

As for the rest of us, well, we don’t have to look. Even though we probably will.

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