“They voted for him, they get what they ask for.”

Out of all the thoughts on Trump and how he’s been received throughout the world as the POTUS that one seems to slam home the most. Our country decided that a business-minded and semi-successful narcissist was the right decision, and how the conflict that this decision brought is being played out, and has been playing out, since his first day in office. His is the face that’s representing our country, the attitude that’s shaping the rest of the world’s opinion about the USA.

You can go ahead and scream in frustration, you wouldn’t be the first.

He’s done a few good things while in office, but the overwhelming storm of negativity that’s been unloaded from his childish speeches and tweeting (we have a president that uses Twitter more than some teenagers) has been the main focus that has plagued his term so far. While he might be ambitious, business-minded, and able to see certain ways to do things, his execution is so ham-handed that trying to explain the word ‘finesse’ seems to be an exercise in futility.

This is the face our country right now, and while it’s not the worst, it’s certainly not the best.


Our country voted for him, and this is what we got. We have a guy, as man is too strong a word for our current POTUS, that alienates his fellow world leaders, that dodges questions every chance he gets, and that praises one of the most controversial world leaders in current history.

He’s a businessman, plain and simple. He’s conducting deals left and right, and he’s the face of our country when people think of America. At least for now.

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