It’s so easy to look at the rich and think that they must have quite the life since they don’t seem to have any worries and can buy pretty much anything they want whenever they want. They can take expensive trips to just about anywhere in the world while the rest of us have to save for nearly a year’s time if not longer to go on a family vacation to Disneyland for one two days.

But the truth about rich people, even if they are filthy rich and can do just about anything, is that they have just as many concerns as the rest of us. They’re human after all and despite their money they do manage to wake up in the middle of the night now and again to worry about what might happen to them if all that money was somehow lost in one venture or another. They have concerns just like anyone else even if their concerns involve a few more zeroes behind the final cost than many of us are used to.

Unfortunately there are still a great many myth that are born of envy and jealousy when it comes to how much they have and how easy their lives seem to be.

They have money to burn.

Think about this, a lot of the millionaires you see rolling up in those nice cars and with the fancy designer threads on might have enough in the bank to afford such luxuries, but most rich people didn’t get rich by just frittering their money away on impulse buys. While a small percentage of the rich might actually do this, there are still plenty that have a net worth in the millions that tend to live on a budget and don’t bother with the luxury vehicles and the glamorous lifestyle. Look at people like Bill Gates. Does it seem like he ever went clubbing all that often? Nope, he’s had money aplenty over the years, and it’s continued to build because he invests and spends it wisely, which means many rich folks don’t look at their bank account as a reason to spend.

They don’t work for their money.

This is often very true in the case of inherited wealth. Those that are born to rich families too often don’t have to want for a single thing and too often don’t find out what real work is like until they’re cut off, if that ever happens. Yet there are many rich individuals that work fifty to sixty hours a week if not more and have more than one income stream coming in. In other words they’re working harder to earn their money than many people earning minimum wage and crying that they need to earn $15 and hour for flipping burgers.

They don’t worry about losing their money.

Everyone worries about losing their money. It’s one of the thoughts that keeps people up at night whether they’re rich or poor. The scope of how much there is to lose obviously changes from one side of the spectrum to the other, but it’s still a concern that the rich harbor.

They don’t know about debt.

A lot of them know more about debt than most, as they’ve wracked up more in debt than some people will ever see in their lives. Millions in debt definitely trumps the thousands that the average person will be saddled with at one point or another in their lives. Comparing the two one can still admit that the rich tend to find ways to pull through, but the fact remains that rich people incur far more debt than the common individual will ever know about.

It’s very easy to rag on the rich for what they have and to think that they’re lives are that easy. Financially-speaking it’s true, but when it comes to stress and worrying over certain matters in their lives it’s just not the case.

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