Ever heard someone dissembling because they didn’t want to tell the truth or to reveal what they didn’t want other people to know? It’s been happening for a while now ever since Trump took office and it seems to be getting worse.

Anything he doesn’t like or doesn’t want to answer is ‘fake news’.

So yes, people are down on Trump because he acts like a jerk and doesn’t care. He claims to be the best at everything he does and while we in turn shouldn’t care he’ll continue to crow like a preening gamecock until we’re forced to listen. But boy does his mouth snap shut when it’s time to answer questions that he doesn’t care for. And his reply to all of them? ‘Fake news, fake news’. If he doesn’t like what you ask him, ‘fake news’. If he doesn’t want to answer the question, ‘fake news’. If he think the journalist is being unfair, ‘fake news’.

Do you get the feeling he practices this mantra at night when no one’s watching?

Even if some journalists are in the habit of reaching for something, anything they can use on Trump to discredit him, the childish behavior he uses so consistently is more than enough to indicate that even if he does manage to do some good, he’s still not the right face for America to be showing to the world at large. Already the nation’s allies are wondering just how wise it is to remain allied to the USA thanks to their interactions with this man. When he treats the other world leaders like garbage and treats his fellow Americans even worse by calling them out for supposedly ‘fake news’ and even goes so far as to bash their entire company the idea of Baby Trump flying overhead seems less an insult as it does a warning that he’s coming and one should invest in a healthy supply of earplugs.

His followers will continue to follow him, seeming to ignore his disregard for so many and his disrespect towards the media, but surely one of these days he’ll push things too far and those following him will begin to realize that he’s little more than a child in a suit. The cries of ‘fake news’ are far too similar to a child hurling insults at reporters when they ask questions that Trump simply can’t answer.

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