So what is a digital nomad you might be wondering? Well, put simply and without the fripperies and glitz you might get from the description of other more technical definitions, a digital nomad is the modern-day nomad, the person that can take their work wherever they go, the true journeyman that isn’t bound to an office or to a single institution.

Freelancers are typically capable of being digital nomads, particularly writers, since like the guns for hire back in the day they carry their job with them wherever they go, be it on a table, a laptop, or other digital device that they work from. It’s a new way to revive an old practice and it’s more prevalent than you might think. All a person really needs is access to a WiFi signal and they’re good. You can take your work pretty much anywhere so long as you’ve got a long-lasting battery and a spare or a cord just in case you happen to need it.

A digital nomad tends to use the world as their office, creating opportunity and finding inspiration wherever they go. It’s a very uncertain and sometimes less than adequate environment for those that crave stability and unwavering reliability, but for those that enjoy the chance to be able to just pick up and go when they need to, or those that seek to take their work with them as it’s needed, this lifestyle is something that won’t often abandon them or leave them out to dry.

Why is that?

Digital nomads have advantages that other workers simply don’t possess.


Here’s just a few things that digital nomads have on traditional workers.

  1. We tend to be very self-reliant and can get more done in less time.
  2. Our skills don’t tend to stagnate, we learn as we go and we pick up new skills and refine old ones as we continue to move about.
  3. There’s no need for unproductive meetings. Just lay out the job and we’re good to go.
  4. Our flexibility is hard to beat.

Keep in mind there are downsides to being a digital nomad, but they are easily handled by those that have been around long enough to recognize them. All in all a digital nomad is someone you can rely on for the kind of work that might cost far more if you had to train someone from the office to pick up and go on a regular basis. Digital nomads are happy to pick up and go, it’s part of our lifestyle after all.

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