America has one of the worst puppet shows in the world, did you know? It involves more than one person and has been going on for longer than we care to think, but never in a way that seems so obvious as of now. You might not realize it, but no one president or politician that has ever set foot in Washington DC in the last several decades, perhaps longer, has been allowed to remain in office without any strings attached. Sounds like a conspiracy theory? Yeah, probably, but to be quite honest those that talk the talk and try to walk the walk have strange sense of dissonance when it comes to fulfilling the promises that get them into office. Why is that?

Some might say it’s due to compromises that have to be made.


It might be, it could be, it has been, but at the same time it isn’t always and hardly ever is. The level of self-interest that goes into any bid for candidacy is usually hidden away by the fact that so many are willing to believe that those seeking to run our country are altruists looking to make it the kind of place that we can be proud of. Leaders are great, they’re necessary, but before praising them too much it’s important to know who’s pulling their strings and what that’s going to mean for the many promises they make and don’t intend to keep once they do reach their desired position. There have been few, very few presidents in the history the USA that have ever done everything they said they would while actually serving the American people rather than using them as bargaining chips for their future.

The biggest string is usually tied to the Almighty Dollar.


Want to know how to get the puppets to dance more convincingly and pull off one of the worst shows in history? Start doling out the funds and watch them walk, talk, and dance a merry beat all the way to their bank accounts as they continue the quest of self-interest while claiming that it’s all about serving their country.

Of course it’s cynical, it’s meant to be.

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