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Beaverton, OR

He’d seen her coming only a moment after walking out of the store, a 40 ounce of Coors in one hand and a hot dog gently clenched in the other. His belongings, what few he had left, were stowed in the cheap backpack slung over one shoulder, a relic that thankfully had a working zipper that he’d bought at a local Goodwill store. Thankfully he’d been able to use their restroom with the promise that he would buy something, and had managed to wash most of the stink off of himself before walking through the store.

True to his word he’d purchased the pack and a couple of other items before heading out. The female cashier that had rang him up had even offered him half a smile and thanked him for being honest with her. that had elicited a feeling deep down inside that he hadn’t experienced in too long. In fact it had stayed with him right up until now.

The young woman walking towards him now had no business that he knew of being this far away from home on her own, especially since their home, his former home, was all the way in Hartung Farms, well over a twenty-minute drive away. Then there was the simple fact that despite being a lousy father he knew that she had no friends over this way. Regardless, his oldest daughter was still walking his way from the end of the sidewalk that extended along the front of the store, her face a pensive mask as her eyes were trying to bore into him from a distance.

He really didn’t need this right now, especially since he’d been completely honest with everyone no matter how much it had been him in the ass within the last couple of months. It was said that the truth was supposed to set you free, but it sure as hell took a few chunks out of you while it was being released into the ears of those that supposedly wanted to hear it.

There was no reason for him to be indignant, but he really didn’t want to listen to another lecture, especially from his daughter. She had ever right to give him the business, but seeing as how all he wanted to do right now was eat and find a suitable resting spot, he just wasn’t in the mood.

She didn’t seem to care though.

(to be concluded)

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