Ask Donald Trump what he’s great at and he’ll likely say: Everything, I’m best at everything.

After that it’s kind of a wonder that he forgets simple etiquette when it comes to visiting with a foreign leader in their own back yard, so to speak. It’s easy enough to forget and possibly forgive the fact that he was ten minutes late when it came to meeting with the Queen, as that could have been beyond his control. But the manner in which he walks in front of her, not beside her, seems to make the continual argument for his pseudo-alpha behavior all over again.

What’s that? What’s a pseudo-alpha you ask? Well to be blunt, it’s a person that thinks they’re an alpha but don’t have the stones to be an alpha. They prance and preen about like an alpha, but don’t have the true manner of what they’re trying to be. If Trump was a true alpha he would know how to act like one, and how to behave in polite company. For instance, he would know to walk alongside the Queen, rather than in front of her. He would know and practice the etiquette of the country he’s in, as he expects people coming to America to do, rather than keep his jacket unbuttoned so that his too-long tie can flop about.

He would know how to act like a gentleman if he was a true alpha. While none of the offenses that have been noticed are worthy of the guillotine or even a harsh reprimand, it’s just another reminder that he’s not the person he makes himself out to be. So yes, a pseudo-alpha male, and little else.

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