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Remember back in high school we had student council and ASB and however many other groups and meetings and important day to day functions that the students were allowed to think they had influence over? It’s still there, and for the most part it’s still the same, a giant popularity contest featuring whoever can look the best, talk the best game, and of course convince their fellow students that they’re the best suited for the position. While in high school it’s kind of amusing since no matter how serious it gets it likely won’t affect the curriculum or the experience of many students, unless a school is just that lucky, it is supposedly great training for life outside of high school, y’know, the real world.

But then again, the more things change, the more they stay the same.


Yep, all those debating skills that people learn as students in student council and so on and so forth are great and they might prepare them for the most basic of careers and politics they’ll see when they graduate, but they won’t prepare folks for the strange fact that nothing really changes aside from the impact that the popularity contest has on the nation and possibly the world.

In politics it’s all about who can talk the best game, who can tell voters what they want to hear, and who can present themselves in the best light while trashing their opponent mercilessly in front of the entire nation. In a way it’s almost like playing poker with your buddies in your garage or your basement when you’re young, the game isn’t really high stakes but it could be important enough that you really want to win and might think about getting a little underhanded when it comes to how you finally show your hand. By the time you graduate to the big kids’ table however the stakes have been raised to an astronomical level and the tricks you’ve learned to use are even dirtier than before.

Politics is a popularity contest where the playing field is anything but fair and the stakes are higher than anything most people can imagine. Yet for all that, it’s still governed by the same principles that we learn in high school. Kind of bizarre, wouldn’t you think?

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