Normally it’s very easy to ignore the Kardashian/Jenner clan since all you really have to do is change the channel and escape the noise that the show produces. But when a statement such as was made in Forbes pops up announcing the ‘self-made billionaire Kylie Jenner’, people get up in arms a bit since the term ‘self-made’ is something you wouldn’t normally ascribe to anyone in this family. Inherited wealth, inherited fame, and a serious sense of ego are all things you might ascribe to them, but being self-made certainly doesn’t seem accurate.

So let’s examine this. She did come up with her own company, okay that’s fine. She did sell her own products, well, not really but okay. She did this without the help of her family, um, yes and no, a big resounding no. She is poised to become a millionaire, oh yes. But as to the self-made part? Not in the slightest can anyone say this with a straight face, and if they do then they’ve effectively lied to themselves more than once by now.

Kylie Jenner is undoubtedly an entrepreneur, but she is not self-made for a couple of reasons, those being:

  1. She’s been able to trade in on her family’s name for a long, long time, and it’s no doubt a big part of why she’s been so successful.
  2. Even if she wasn’t a Jenner her cosmetics might have sold, but they wouldn’t have been nearly as popular, and:
  3. While being ‘self-made’ is an open description, the greatest understanding of it is that a person who is self-made has risen from a position of having nothing to the status of a celebrity and/or billionaire or millionaire all on their own without the help of a family name. Open-ended or not, self-made is more than a common statement to be affixed to anyone, as it tends to carry a great deal of pride with it that those that have never done without cannot hope to fully understand.

To be self-made, as many understand the term, is to come from virtually nothing.


Imagine having to scrape every penny and forego certain luxuries in life that come so easily to the rich simply because you’re trying to survive and make your dreams come true. Now imagine that you luck out or develop the kind of business savvy that is able to elevate you to the level of notoriety that every last person in the picture above has enjoyed for the last many years. These people you see above are self-made. They took hopes and dreams along with the few coins they had in their pocket, metaphorically-speaking, and made something happen that many thought was impossible.

They didn’t bank their success on a family name that people have been going nuts over since they were children. Kylie might very well be a successful businesswoman, but calling her self-made is akin to insulting every person that is trying so hard to build themselves up from nothing.

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