A lot of people don’t like Trump, we get it. A lot of people have no reason to like Trump, we get that as well. But the more hate and the more vitriol that’s launched at the current POTUS is not working at this time. Instead it’s just fueling his supporters and giving them a bigger excuse to rally against those that seek to sully his name and remind the world that he’s a less than adequate leader. The unfortunate part is that unless we’re willing to do without a president, which would be even more disastrous since Congress, that wonderfully inept bunch of long-timers that collect a paycheck for doing so very little, would take charge and our country would truly be up a certain creek without a paddle.

So here’s the challenge if anyone is listening:

Don’t ignore him, but don’t continue to give him this kind of attention.

Do you really think he cares? It’s not a matter of closing your eyes to what he’s doing and saying, it’s not even a challenge to just go along to get along. Fight as much as you want against his policies, his words, and his beliefs. But show that you’re better and don’t have resort to schoolyard tactics. If you’re going to fight someone the open and brash way to do so is usually the way that’s going to get you a great deal of attention, as seems to be the goal with so many people these days.

Get over yourselves, get past your hatred of a guy that considers you to be beneath him. Keep up the good fight but don’t let him see you coming. Don’t use cheap tricks and diversionary tactics that make you look like spoiled children trying to get your way. You want to get at someone without having to act like this? Show them that you’re better than them. Kill them with kindness so to speak, and display some sort of manners that will show the world that you’re the better person.

The longer you play the opponent’s game the more often you’re going to lose.

So that’s the challenge, show that you can be better.

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