Crazy has been made into such a negative word that being labeled as crazy sometimes means you’re unstable and not to be trusted within an ordered society. Given that our ‘ordered’ society tends to drag a lot of people down, while lifting some up let’s be fair, it’s far preferable sometimes to just realize that control is an illusion that’s best left in one’s wake as they pass on by while stepping out of their own mind and into a world where order might go into shock since the status quo is nothing short of a wonderfully chaotic jumble from which a person can pick and choose just what they want to follow.

Why is it so great to be crazy? Well, so long as you’re not hurting anyone, and a lot of us don’t, it’s great since you can choose to step out of your own head and find different ways to look at things that might not have occurred had you not taken the trip to Crazy-town to begin with. Where you think inspiration comes from? Where do you think imagination is allowed to dwell without constraint? It’s the people in this world that ask the craziest questions and let themselves slip free of restraints such as control and the confines of their own mind that end up changing things, not always for the better but definitely for something different.

Going crazy isn’t always a negative thing, it’s a choice we make that affords us a different look at the world we live in and what it can offer us in the way of an alternative view of what we already know. It’s an important trip around the bend that takes us away from what’s known so that we can imagine what isn’t known and possibly come to the conclusion that we don’t know and would like to know so that we can forget we know again and then pick it all up later on so that we’ll know what we didn’t know.

Catch all that? No? Ah who cares, it’s the journey to knowing that matters, and it’s a crazy ride at least half the time.


Be proud to be crazy, and be proud to be out of your mind. It’s one of the only ways you can possibly find any peace in this world.

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