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The chaos that is the meeting of the past, present, and the coming future is a predictable mashup that continually meets, denies, and lowers our expectations as the world continues to move forward somehow despite the continuing debacle that is life. The plight of humanity is that nothing is ever fully learned from, and if it ever does inspire learning it is quashed almost immediately by the status quo that seems to want individuals to forget the ideas that don’t flow with what society accepts as the truths that are doled out by those that are in charge of our future. Those that have the reins and decide to drive humanity in one direction or another seem to thrive more on the idea of success, fame, and fortune than learning, and as a rule tend to ignore the warnings of the past in favor of the brighter, more lucrative future that is promised within the present.

The predictable chaos that ensues comes with a heavy price, and that is the fact that history rears its head once more in order to remind us just what horrors lay in the dark, shadowy past that our leaders would like us to forget and think of as inconsequential. Our destiny as a species is an uncertain thing upon waking and is no less certain when our eyes close for the final time. The only hope that seems to spark comes from those that will not be so easily cowed into the submissive and dismissive nature that those in power desire.

There is more to be learned throughout the failings of mankind than there will ever be from our success stories.

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Success is important, it is the final step that leads us onward, but the truth is that the failures that come before the success must not be ignore or forgotten as they are the lessons and the building blocks upon which that success was borne. There is no path to greatness without failure, there is no final goal that can be reached without falling more than once.

But unless we realize that history is our lesson, not our burden, then we will continue to make the same mistakes, as mankind is a species that operates on habit more often than not, and will go back to particular well far too often for our own liking.

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