Said Religion to Myth, “I created the Earth and the Sun and the Moon and the Stars in mere days. The people know Me, they of Me, they recognize My name.”

Myth nodded, silently contemplating the role that Religion played in the lives of so many, “Once too did I stand in such high regard, the reason why they looked to the heavens and prayed fervently for answers. I too was their savior and their plague.”

“I seek to love them,” said Religion, “Though some of them do not love Me back. Still they are My children, My creations, and I shall not turn My face from them.”

Myth laughed long and loud, the sound shaking the heavens and scattering clouds before it as Religion scowled heavily.

“Why do you laugh?” Religion asked, “I love My children.”

“But you have turned your face from them plenty of times, so that you might avoid their suffering at your hands,” Myth replied, “Or do you enjoy their cries of torment as you unleash your wrath?”

“I do not not,” Religion replied sternly, “They are children, and must be treated as such. My will is that they learn to love Me, that they learn to worship Me. How they do this is important, as it gives them something to hope for, something to believe in.”

Myth smiled, nodding while speaking “So too did we, and our love, as well as our punishments, were forgotten as they grew.”

“They will not forget Me!” roared Religion, “I am their God, their Creator!”

“As were we,” said Myth in a knowing, pitying tone, “And as we passed, so too, one day, will you.”

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