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In this country, in this world, and in this life, people look for what is fundamentally the same thing. We look to stride forward and make the best of the life we’re given. We try our best to make a life for ourselves, for our families, and in many cases to continue the society to which we belong or to at least help the world we live in to continue to move forward as it is in our best interests.

The manner in which we do this isn’t bound to be the same as so many people living on one world across so such a vast space aren’t going to agree on everything. We all have our ideas about what needs to happen to sustain life and what has to happen in order to keep society functioning in an efficient and sustainable way. The trouble with this is that being human one of our first reactions to criticism of any kind is going to be resentment, possibly anger, at someone telling us that what we’re doing doesn’t work for them.

The more evolved among us tend to let it go and find another way, a compromise, that can help to bring opposing sides together in a manner that can accommodate both and create a lasting bond that can help to carry them into the future that awaits. But far too often it’s seen that humans just can’t seem to get on the same page and will allow ideological differences to keep us apart.

In fact it has become the premise of many a society that differences are what will define us, help us measure ourselves against others, and by some extension judge others when it comes to their manner of living and how they conduct themselves throughout the course of their lives. In our country it is particularly complicated as many people even go so far as to avoid speaking with one another if they happen to belong to a different political party or support opposing individuals come election time.

There are too many social constructs that divide humanity and not enough that seek to unite us.


You can call it a conspiracy theory or a byproduct of granting those that lead us far too much power over our lives, but the truth is that we’ve been divided for a very long time by ideals that we are raised with and, at times, will believe because we’ve heard few other options in our lives. We are born into this system believing that we have to pick a side when it comes to following the same fundamental needs of all human beings, and we die within the same system, never seeming to understand that there is a life beyond it.

That system is the problem, while the people are the unwitting participants that keep it running.

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