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I’ve spoken on this before but it still holds true and can’t be said enough. Real leaders will inspire their people, they won’t lead from the back, shouting orders and pointing the finger to guide their people to the future. They will be on the front lines, risking everything that they have in order to better the future for their people, to show that they are no better and no worse than those that follow them.

They will inspire others to stride forward, to become stronger, to become wolves in their own right rather than bleating sheep that will seek to follow when the path gets rough. Real leaders will be tough and they will know when to draw a line in the sand, but they will also know when to be wary of alienating those that they seek to lead, and those that could be possible allies. Real leaders to do not act solely on impulse and without thought of what might happen later in life. A good leader will take the time to weigh their actions and their words to insure that their people, THEIR PEOPLE, are cared for above their own interests.

A good leader, a REAL leader, will not stand in front of their people and feed them a smile and a great deal of rhetoric and pronounce that they are an expert of everything. A good leader knows that they are a servant to those that follow them, and must put the needs of the many above their own.


Furthermore, a good leader will not cast blame upon those that come before them. They will not blame the sins of the past for their inability to deal with the present. Good leaders, REAL leaders, will find a way to move forward and continue to serve their people to the best of their capacity.

Do we have a leader that inspires people? It all depends on who you talk to.

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