It’s becoming increasingly clear that Trump, who has never hidden this fact, has decided to play hardball with the rest of the world, until he sets foot in Russia. Now you can call out whatever kind of collusion you want or you can refute it if that’s your preference but it looks sketchy either way when the leader of America sees fit to make his presence felt during the meeting with NATO by calling out Germany right from the start.

Some people would agree that tip-toeing around NATO has gone on long enough and that a president with a harder approach and less ability to control what is on his mind is what’s been needed. But purposefully antagonizing world leaders and alienating oneself from those that could be allies seems rather counterproductive to the cause of America. Many of those countries that have been allies to the USA for years might be wondering just what has happened to a country that up until now was seen in many different lights but at the very least had a leader that could be counted upon to be civil. While Trump has obviously put his foot down and decided not to be a patsy he’s also brought his fist down at the same time and demanded that Europe step up their game a bit simply because they’re not doing enough.

Oh, and the line that “Europeans can be arrogant” is cute, even if it is true at times, because quite honestly “Americans can and are sometimes much worse”. We shouldn’t have to point any fingers to figure out just what kind of ‘worse’ is being discussed.

Going out of his way to make the other world leaders uncomfortable and looking forward to a meeting with Vladimi Putin that he believes will be far easier is something that makes Trump’s motives look extremely shady, but calling him out for this is tough without any real evidence of what people might think is going on.

Right now it would appear that Trump is purposefully lambasting the allies that the US has depended on for a while and is looking forward to sitting down with a man that has nothing to lose and everything to gain. The sad part about this is that if the worst happens and the US loses any of its allies it will have gained little to nothing by forming a friendship with Russia. In short Trump seems to be banking the country’s future on being hard-nosed with his allies and granting a soft touch to someone that doesn’t really care if America stands alone.

Despite our military might, America is not a nation that can stand alone anymore than any other country can. Perhaps it’s time for someone to remind Trump of a little thing called tact.

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