No, I’m not just talking about a physical act, though if you do fall it’s just as necessary to get back up, dust yourself off, and keep going until you accomplish what you want. This life isn’t a nice place sometimes, it can be mean, nasty, and downright rough on those that aren’t ready for it. At some point in life we’re going to fail, we’re going to fall, and how we take it, how we deal with it, is what makes us who we are.

Those that fall and get up will always be stronger and more determined than those that fall and settle where they’re at.

At some point in life you will have to settle, you will find it necessary and will do so gladly. But it needs to be on your terms, not anyone else’s, and not because Life beat you into submission. Life will be hard, it will be cruel, but if you can make through the loads of hardship and struggle that await all of us at some point then you will have shown that you’re not weak, you’re not susceptible to the beatdown that Life will throw at you, and you’ll glad get up, aching and hurting, but defiant all the same. This life is not kind to anyone and will test each and every one of us to our limits many times throughout a lifetime. Just because a person doesn’t seem to be struggling doesn’t mean they aren’t fighting an inner battle that you know nothing about.

Life isn’t partial to anyone, it will challenge every soul that draws breath in one way or another, and it will not be kind in doing so. But challenging Life to a contest of wills, to see who can outlast the other, is what makes living all the worthwhile. You don’t have to be overly aggressive in your life, but you certainly can’t afford to be overly passive if you you want to have any type of fun in this world. You will fall once or more in your life, physical and metaphorically. You will fail more than once in this life, and if you’re strong enough, if you’re up to Life’s constant challenge, then you will gladly stand back up and say, “I can take it.”

This one had to be said, as it’s a personal motto.


As I said, Life will knock you down a time or two, and it won’t apologize for the act or even turn back to see if you’re okay. Some might dispute the language and the idea of this, but for those that enjoy the challenges that life brings sometimes, go ahead and smile as you read, because while no one will ever hit harder than Life, that doesn’t mean that you can’t have a little fun in getting back up. Life is a continuing challenge, rise up to it and let your voice be heard.

Let Life know that you’re here for the duration, and you’re not staying down.

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