By now a lot of us have probably heard the story of the 30-year old man that had to be sued by his parents so that he would eventually leave their home, yeah? Well quite honestly it’s still something that a lot of parents seem to have to deal with in this day and age and while it’s become a natural thing for kids to move back in with their parents for various reasons the underlying fact is that many of them still have the desire to GET OUT eventually. A lot of us might love our parents a lot and be welcomed back any time, but in this case it was seen that the individual simply didn’t want to leave.

Yes, he stated that he needed more time and would go, but quite honestly the line of excuses that never seemed to end suggested otherwise. Should we examine why it was so wise of his parents to finally kick him out?

By the age of 18 a lot of kids are ready to get out and be their own person.

Some are ready before this, others are a little more hesitant and might seek to help out the household if their parents decide to lay down the law against freeloading. This man did none of that. He was out on his own at one point reportedly but upon moving back in seemed content to stick around and do absolutely nothing. And if anyone decides to state that we’re hearing everything from the view of the parents and not the man himself then listen to the video. The guy is a certifiable nut and worse than that, he’s flat out lazy.

A lot of kids would be glad to get out of their parent’s home. In fact most kids seem psyched to be on their own even after finding out that they have to pay bills and be accountable for all they do. Even then, many people would choose to never move back home unless it was absolutely needed. Yet this guy, who has lost custody of his kid, apparently lost his self-respect, and lost all desire to move despite the massive issues that he and his parent’s have, is nothing but a walking excuse.

He had no job at the time of this interview, his parents actually gave him money to get started, and unfortunately he had no plan to move ahead any time soon.

To think that this was newsworthy was kind of ridiculous.

At a certain age it’s time to leave the nest and be your own person. Coming back to the nest, moving home in other words, is usually supposed to be temporary when a person meets a serious setback in their life or has need of a place to stay while they move on to the next step in their life. Going to school can be a great excuse to move back home to save money, losing a home or a job can be a good excuse, but the point is that it is TEMPORARY. Eight years is not a temporary situation, it is a habitation.

This guy is nothing but a walking excuse. Yes it was devastating to lose his son, but many people, although grieving, would get their feet under them and keep moving. Instead of bowing down before adversity many folks would get up and move forward. People can call him a typical Millenial as much as they want, but it’s not entirely about his generation, it’s about his lack of willpower to do what he needs to do. Let’s just say that there’s not enough information on just WHY he lost custody of his son, or WHY he feels the need to make excuses for being a waste of space, and agree that this man seriously needed the reality check that his parents and then the judge decided to lay on him.

Unless it’s a workable situation, kids do need to leave home eventually. Coming back isn’t a sin, but staying for too long and being a drain on your parents isn’t fair to them and it’s not conducive to one’s continued development. Thirty years old is too young to be a lump on a couch with no prospects for the future.

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