It’s easy to see that Europeans have had their own preconceived notions of Americans for a long time now, and it’s just as easy to see that it goes both ways as through use of propaganda and the clever manipulations of our media and leaders it’s been simple enough to set us against each other even as they preach that the world has to unite as one against common enemies. But lately one has to wonder just how the rest of the world has been seeing Americans, especially since the current POTUS took office and started exercising his thumbs and his mouth in an unending tirade of what he might call “taking charge”.

So he’s putting America first…..I heard the crickets too but many people believe that he’s doing what he can to make our country into a great place while at the same time he’s openly challenging and mocking those that would be better allies than enemies. His supporters, especially those that are ‘ride or die’ types would gladly say that he’s looking out for our best interests as a nation and pulling the country free of useless alliances that haven’t done much for us in the past. But in truth, having allies in this world is far better than alienating the rest of the landscape and having to stand utterly alone if the day ever comes that America actually needs the rest of the world.

Yes, America has come to the aid of several countries in the past, but it’s also had trouble policing it’s own back yard and taking control of situations in which it had no business being in the first place. America is not the end-all country that can be everything for everyone, and it’s not the one country among all that can solve all the ills of the world. In fact at this point our country can’t even solve its own ills but yet our POTUS seems to think that he can make everything go away and solve it all because no one knows how to do it better.

In essence the rest of the country is being judged by the things he says and does in this day and age, as from the night of the election until now Trump has been the driving force and the face of our country. He’s done great things so far? Wonderful, but his public image is that of a bully that simply expects everyone to follow his way or get out of the way, and that doesn’t work for everyone. What happens if he tries that with someone that decides to push back?

More importantly, he deflects and he casts a lot of blame in directions that are irrelevant to the current state of the nation.


Even if previous presidents did mess things up, that’s not relevant at the moment as it’s his job to fix them and to guide the nation back into prosperity. Blaming those that came before is the act of a child throwing a tantrum while screaming “I didn’t do it! They made my job harder!”

The nation might hate to tell Trump this but many of us have felt this kind of pinch in the past, maybe on a much lesser scale, but still in the same manner. What have we done? We’ve sorted through the mess and made the best of it as much as we could. Unfortunately this man is how the world is seeing us at the moment, no matter that he is hardly the face of the nation and more of a figurehead that tweets too much and continually forgets to add a filter between his brain and his mouth.

He is our POTUS, but unfortunately he is also the representative of our nation. Europe, please don’t judge our country based on one man. He’s our president by election, but does not represent our hearts and minds.

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