First let me clarify that I’m not trying to make fun of anyone or ridicule any particular group of people. But hearing actual Irish people talk and then listening to them side by side is kind of amusing since there are times in Hollywood when actors tend to get it right and then, then there are times that their accent is just horrific. And listening to actual Irish people listen to them and then offer commentary is absolutely great because quite honestly if you belong to a country and possess the accent that’s being used you’re going to be able to spot a fake accent from a mile away most times.

So watching the clip is funny because you can’t help but wonder what they’re thinking before they start talking about each individual. Sean Connery is perhaps one of the best as they describe him going from Irish to Scottish to English all in the span of a single sentence. And to be honest, Connery is what a lot of people have thought was the exemplification of an Irish accent. But then you listen to Tom Cruise and Gerard Butler and you can’t help but agree with them that some of what they say is simply dreadful. The real surprise however is their reaction to Brad Pitt.

They love the guy.

A couple of them comment that his speed is what makes his accent so believable, which is amazing since understanding what he’s saying required subtitles for some folks. But the fact that Pitt was voted as the best and most spot on was kind of a surprise.

But hey, if you think that it’s funny when Irish folks pick out some of the most cockeyed accents that emulate their own then you’ll get a kick out of the clip below.

Remember, no judgment and no mockery, this is all for fun.

As hard as it is for many Americans to nail an Irish accent, no matter how many different dialects they might have, it’s even more difficult for a lot of Irish folks, let alone Europeans in general, to nail down the many different American dialects. Quite honestly American English is a mess as from east to west we have so many different dialects that change from state to state and region to region that trying to get them all is confusing. Listening to a bunch of Irish men and women trying to get them down however is just hilarious since it gives a bit of justification that accents are tough to pick up no matter where you go.

Some might think that a Canadian accent is fairly simply as you simply round a lot of your syllables and say ‘eh?’ a lot. But there’s a little more to it than that.

Then there’s the Southern accent with for some people is just a lazy drawl that lets you release a bit of tension in your voice as you let it just kind of hang on its own and allow certain syllables to drawl out, almost as if you’re just terminally tired and can’t be bothered to speak in nice, clipped sentences that other dialects are known for.

Then there’s the California surfer drawl that so many people think defines Californians. Sure, down in Southern Cali it might be a thing, but being as there are many different regions in the state you probably wouldn’t hear too much of the surfer accent up north near the border.

Take note that they don’t make it all the way to the Pacific Northwest, which is probably a good thing. Our accents in this region are so varied that even those of us that live here get confused sometimes.

It’s just fun to listen to people trying out different accents sometimes.

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