So what is control? To many people control is the act of being in charge, of being the top dog, the head honcho, the person that makes the rules. But what is it really? In truth, control is a societal construct just like so many other things we create, a method of draping what is deemed the truth over the eyes of those that are willing to be blinded in order to grant permission to those doing the blinding. It is the act of those that seek to inform and influence others that are seen as those that will agree with the one or the few upon how things must be and how the system that has been instilled must be kept working in order to serve them all. Unfortunately, control is usually held by only a few hands at a time, and is anything but infallible.

Control is the illusion that we accept.

Many of us believe we are free-thinking individuals and it is true in some regard that we are. But many of us would still ascribe wholeheartedly to the system into which we were born and will likely belong until our final day on this earth. There are too many illusions that have been woven together to create what we perceive as a concrete and resolute truth that is used to control our every waking moment within the system. We are given the illusion of freedom, but in all honesty are kept in line by various control methods that are enforced whenever we step out of line.

Anarchy is what some scream when these controls are actively worked against, while others might scream terrorism as it is the trendy thing to use as an accusation. But quite honestly control is the measure that keeps us under wraps and free to think what we want, while bucking that control makes us the enemy, or at the very least a malcontent that is to be carefully monitored. Remember the saying that freedom isn’t free? The control that government has over every last one of us is a prime example of this. We are free to say and, to some extents, do what we want in this country, but the price we pay is to live under the control that the USA imparts upon every last one of its people. Except the controllers.

To live a life that means something there’s one immutable truth you need to realize.


The reality of life is that on a very fundamental level there is no such thing as control. Even as we progress from simple animals to the more complex and sometimes more frustrating organisms we are today we tend to forget this. The need for everything to make sense and be neatly tucked away until we need them is an incessant one that allows us to forget that when it comes to control, some people are simply better at weaving illusions than others.

Some of the best are called politicians.

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