Costco is getting rid of one of it’s best-selling items and people are not happy about it. Can anyone remember back to the days when there was no such thing as a food court inside a Costco? The old-fashioned hot dog cart was outside next to the building and usually had a line from the cart all the way to the parking lot as people have almost always been nuts for the famous Polish dog that cost $1.50 and came a can of soda. Now tell me, how many places can possibly compete with that? Sure it was just a big hot dog on a bun with a soda and your choice of fixin’s on a tray nearby, but it was the novelty of it.

Costco has been known for a long time as a place you could go and fill up on free samples inside the store, but the hot dogs were always one of the absolute best parts of the trip. Plus in all the time they’ve been selling the delicacies they haven’t raised the price, which is phenomenal really when you think about what the other stuff costs. But these days many people are more into healthier alternatives and doing away with what is considered a bad practice when it comes to eating. Instead of the Polish dog Costco will be serving healthy alternatives that many people feel is just a slap in the face after so many years of being able to ingest those yummy, warm treats.

Come on people, really?

The outrage over this is over the top and just sad.

I love a good Polish dog just as much as anyone. I used to polish off two of them loaded with ketchup, mustard, and enough onions to clear my sinuses out for the next two days. But it’s a hot dog folks, and it’s a product that’s sold in bulk INSIDE THE STORE. I get it, we all have great memories of the Polish dog and don’t want to see it go, but if you’re really that up in arms about it then do yourself a favor and find the nearest hot dog vendor and ask if they serve Polish dogs. If they do then stop whining, if not then buy a pack of dogs, a pack of buns, and make them at home and enjoy the memories.

Seriously, my biggest gripe with the place was when they built the food court and simply did away with the cart. It was a treat up until they made it into something big. Now it’s been a treat, but one that you have to eat while crammed into a bench with a bunch of other people around you or out in your car or wherever you might go. The tweets about this matter are just insane since many of them make it sound as though they would gladly boycott Costco over this matter.

Yeah, and that would last right up until they realize how much it really costs to stop buying in bulk. Seriously people, buy a pack of Polish dogs and take a pill.

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