Life is a constant race to see who can outdo one another, who can accumulate more than the next person, who can sign their life away to more things that they don’t need but use to impress others, and of course, who has the most at the end. It’s a business in many regards, a business that never closes, never gets outdated, and never goes away because there’s always more people being born every day. Those that are passing through this life now are those that have been inundated to the business without ever knowing about it until it’s too late to get out so easily. We live our days from one to the next becoming a part of a system that is so heavily integrated at this point that even believing we have a free thought becomes highly suspect since in order to have that free thought you have to be absolutely certain that it doesn’t somehow infringe upon or offend someone else’s over-sensitive values and/or feelings.

If that sounds cynical then you’re right, because it should.

If life is to be treated like a business then it is the most diverse and most competitive business around since it never ends and continually changes in relation to the many trends that come along, be they political, theological, or societal. The day we’re born we’re placed into the system that teaches us and rears us to believe in the system and how it works. We’re given everything that we need to feel comfortable in the system, to rely on it and to realize that we can’t just walk away. And somewhere along the line some of us might wake up and realize that the system in which life exists is an enterprise where everyone is looking to take something from the system that they believe is theirs, some vital component that speaks to them and seems to define their life.

We are part of a system we don’t fully understand, and in turn we barely understand each other. When broken down to the simplest terms and the most simplified elements we are nowhere near as complicated as we like to think. Every mental process, every bodily function, every last little thing about us becomes clear and concise, and in this realization we become free. The system is not evil, it is not good, but it is a business that we find it very difficult to break free of as it provides us with everything that is needed to thrive, and everything we come to desire as human beings.

Living is its own virtue.

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The moment you don’t want to get up to face life and see what it has to offer is the moment it’s become a job, a business, and nothing more than than an automatic response to something you HAVE to do every day. We all feel a bit humdrum now and again about our average day, but the trick is to remember that the business of life is an intrinsic challenge that has yet to be met. Strive to be better each day, do what you can to make your day a day worth living. Don’t worry about the system, it will take care of itself, the business will go on without one more worker bee in the unit for a short period. Challenge yourself to live within the system, not as just another cog.

Living is not accomplished by merely surviving.

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