This world is a hectic place sometimes, and it will push you along at a rapid pace if you let it. Nothing slows down for anyone unless they are willing to slow it down on their own and just…breathe. Your mind and your body are designed to take on a great deal of stress, but over prolonged periods of time this stress begins to build and can be harmful if not released in a manner that is conducive to your health as well as your well-being. As an individual that holds in a lot of pent-up emotions and frustrations I understand that it becomes absolutely necessary at times to stop, remove myself from the rapid pace of life, and simply breathe as I attempt to let go of all that which has caused me to tighten up over the course of a day, a week, or even a month.

There is no weakness in stepping away from the hustle of life.

Some people might begin to hyperventilate if they are asked to take so much as a day off in order to gather their thoughts and compose themselves. Others would welcome the chance and be thankful to just have a day to sleep in, to have fun, and to cut loose. But no matter how one spends their free time it is important to take a moment at least to step back from all of it and just breathe, taking in the stress and then letting it out as you remind yourself, and your body, that there are moments when it’s not so important to be wound so tightly. Nobody can remain pent up for long periods of time without suffering some sort of breakdown, and it is necessary to simply stand back and breathe for a moment to gain even a few seconds of clarity.

That’s a part of how living is made tolerable.

Get away from the hustle now and again.

There’s more to this world than work and the constant drone of one’s everyday life. If you’re lucky and your job takes you to new and exotic places constantly then you’ve already found the source of happiness you were seeking. If you happen to know how to enjoy yourself during your day and can balance your emotional and mental well-being while maintaining your work performance then you’re ahead of the game. But it is always important to remember to breathe, to focus on nothing for a moment or two, and simply relax.

Life is important enough on its own, everything else will happen with or without you. Just enjoy the moments you can take, and live in them as long as you can.

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