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Change is hard, change is invasive, and change is sometimes considered to be impossible. But there are also times when change is seen as horrifying, abrupt, and extremely unwanted. A lot of people can’t handle change as it seems to destroy everything they believe in and everything they’ve worked for, while others embrace it with a glad heart since change is a part of this world that continually happens. But as I already said, change can be hard, and it can be horrifying.

For instance, living in a nation controlled by a man that gives into impulse a lot more than reason could be horrifying, particularly when those impulses seem designed to hurt a great number of the people he’s bound to serve. Some embrace this change as a means of taking their country back, which makes no sense considering it didn’t belong to anyone but the people in the first place. Change however is an odd thing as it can be discriminate or indiscriminate depending on the situation.

It only takes one person to create a ripple effect.

People are capable of change, but the moment they find themselves in agreement with another that they can believe in and follow their free will seems to fade away like a flame in a windstorm. Only when that storm finally affects them directly will they understand that the capacity to change is what keeps the storm at bay, and the ability to embrace the change is what will help them to weather it.

That one person can create such a widespread effect in the lives of so many is astounding, but even more so is the belief that others will take up the call and allow the ripple to continue forward. Change comes in many ways, but in some cases it comes in a very devastating manner.

Change has to come from both sides.

If one thing is to change then other things have to change as well. The chain reaction brought on by change needs to be understood and embraced by every person if real change is to occur, otherwise things will continually revert back to their default state, which at this point and time doesn’t seem to be working. People have to want to change, or nothing ever will. The idea of caring about change is one aspect that needs to occur, but actually going through with change is a line that many people describe in great detail, but never actually cross.

If you want change then you’ve got to be willing to embrace it, not just talk about it.





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