So what is a ‘real role model’? Is is someone that changes your life? Is it a person that comes along and helps you when you’re feeling down? Or is it just someone you happen to notice along the way through life and tend to be inspired by? To be honest it’s all of those things and a lot more depending on each individual. What inspires one person might not quite do it for the next, and what inspires each and every person tends to fall along their line of interest and will help determine how their life turns out. A role model might not be a person that you connect with or even get to meet in life, but through their actions and words you might find the inspiration you need to kick start the life that you’ve always wanted.

Role models are the people that lift you up.

Like I mentioned, they don’t need to be physically present to entice you to change your life or follow the path that you’ve always wanted. Positive role models are those that will inspire a person in many different ways and will exemplify the character traits that a person seeks to emulate in order to become the type of individual they want to be. It’s always encouraged to be your own person in life, but there are many ways that a role model can at least set an example for other people to follow, thereby giving them the means to follow a path in their own way and allowing them to become their own person.

Unfortunately there is such a thing as a bad role model.


This is a very subjective thing to say but the truth of it is that those who view society as their own personal playground and seek to use and abuse those around them in an attempt to gain attention are bad role models. Those that don’t seem to care about the damage their actions and words will do to others are not the kind of folks that need to be emulated and tend to be those that do and say such things either for publicity, which means they are posers that don’t believe in what they say and do, or are just folks that have no moral filter when it comes to their fellow human being. Some might call them more truthful and raw than anyone else, but the honest truth is that they’re the most frightened of anyone within a given society.

Does that sound bold? I hope it does, because those that serve as some of the worst role models tend to have issues in their past that aren’t meant to be made fun of, but are instead used as excuses to act in a manner that is anything but positive. While some claim it’s just for entertainment purposes others make it into a lifestyle as it becomes a shield to guard away the hurt and fear that they hold inside.

A positive role model will accept the hard knocks and misfortunes that life has to give and will keep moving forward. They might break a time or two, but they’re not perfect. Role models are those that we look up to, that we wish to be like, and, if all goes well, inspire us to be better than we are sometimes.

Just make sure to pick the right one to follow, for you.

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